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WELCOME EVERYONE! This is Rippen Drakuzz.

I started this page to post my fanfiction. Most of my stories are about Ranma 1/2. I have other works, but this is mostly it. I also wanted to say that if you are expecting to see a Ranma-Akane pairing in here, it's not gonna happen. I don't think she deserves him after all that she's done.

I also wanted to say that I do a lot of crossover and alternate world in my stories, so sometimes the characters behave in weird ways, or the story is slightly different. This is the beauty of fanfiction, you can do whatever you want.

Once again, welcome. I hope you enjoy the fics.

For any comments, sugestions, or whatever. Contact:

Who's the man mentioned in DPNR 15?
- Don Morales
- Ashura Ryu
- Ushio
- Demon Spawn
- Donny
- Akujin
- Phuc "Paul" Tram
- MSmith
- Shadow Tiger
- Rhyno8

A third chapter for BGE and I'm winding down on writing speed. All good things must come to an end. This is my last update in Tripod. My next one will only have a link to my site in
- Posted BGE 3
Two days and another update. I would like for things to continue like this, but I know better. Enjoy while it lasts.
- Posted DPNR 16
- Posted BGE 2
Well, at least I didn't get over the one month mark. Anyway, I'm back and with the first chapter of a new fic. The camping trip was one of the best experiences I've had lately and though it did little to help my writing I feel like more updates may be done his week.
- Posted BGE 1
Hello! I'm leaving on a camping trip for two weeks today, so I'm posting something not to let you guys empty handed. It's just a filler chapter for TNO, but it's better than nothing.
- Posted TNO 12
Hey there! Sorry about the huge delay between updates. More in the posted chapter's author's notes.
- Posted DPNR 15.
- Posted DPNR 14.
- Posted TWTR 15.
Well, sorry for the delay. Got some things to do and am still working hard on a few projects both from school and independent. Also turned one year older, so that weekend was pretty much spent in alcohol.
Anyway, here's a small update just to give you guys something.
- Posted TNO 11.
- Posted DPNR 13.
- Posted DPNR 12.


- Posted LAB-alt 6.
Sorry for the delay and if I didn't answer any mails this past week. My hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. I had a backup for my fics, but all the new stuff I had for new chapters was lost. Such is life.

- Posted DPNR 11.

- Poster TNO 10.

- Posted TWTR 14.

-Posted LAB 3. (Finally!)
Also added another question for that chapter.

Merry Christmas!
- Posted LAB-alt 5.

- Posted DPNR 10.

- Posted TWTR 13.
- Posted TNO 9.
No author's notes this time. Sorry but I don't have much time to write with Final Exams. I'm even surprised I managed to write this much.

Updated once again! I finally stopped my writing frenzy, but not before finishing another chapter. I'll move on to another story now. Probably TWTR.
- Posted LAB-alt 4.

Man, this actually came out fast. I was working on TWTR and suddenly got the inspiration for this chapter. I couldn't stop writing until I finished it. Hope you guys enjoy it.
- Posted LAB-alt 3.
By the way, Ranma and Kakurine's daughter is revealed here. I might make this story into a megacrossover, but it depends on the comments I get.

This time less time passed, and I have two new chapters for you people. I guess restarting my training did me some good. Anyway, on with the update.
- Posted DPNR 9.
- Posted LAB-ALT 2.

- Posted TNO 8.

Sorry for the long wait. RL is a pain, but must be dealt with. I hope to be writing more these days, though. I've had some of my inspiration back and this week seems to be a little lighter on homework. I think DPNR is next. Some people really want me to continue with that one. Sorry about not publishing the names to the question about Nodoka's sword style yet. I got a mess in my e-mail address and need to sort it all out. Expect it for the next update, though.

-Posted TWTR 12.
- Added new question.

Hello people!
I've taken down LAB 3 for rewriting since most people told me it killed the fanfic so far, and I agree. Don't worry, the changes won't be too drastic, but I'll write it more thouroughly instead of rushing through scenes and ignoring others I didn't know how to put down.
I'll also let you know that I've decided to start an alternate dimension to LAB, so I write two fanfics instead of just one. I got many comments about my last update, many of which told me not to 'screw with LAB' and others that said 'anyone but Midori'. I hope this way everybody is pleased.
I'm currently working on TWTR, though it may take some time to be posted since I'm back to school. Weekends are still free for writing, but my teachers seem to be homework-happy. Such is life.
Anyway, hope to see you soon with more.

- Posted DPNR 8.
I'll be working on TWTR next. Also, I would like to know what people think of LAB. I'm seriously thinking on rewriting the whole thing with a girl from the Evil Zone universe other than Midori and that will imply a completely different story. Tell me what you think.

- Posted DPNR 7.

- Posted TNO 7.

- Posted TWTR 11.

- Posted DPNR 6.

Sorry for the delay and everything, but RL is out to get me. Writer's block hasn't been nice either. I had to completely obliterate what I had of LAB 3 and write a fast chapter with rushed scenes just to get it done. I didn't know how to write most of the scenes, so I didn't. I'll go over it again in the future.
I also revised part of TWTR SS 1, so I'm posting it so that people don't have my liver for LAB 3. I hope.

- Joined the Ranma 1/2 Crossover and Alternate Ring.
- Posted a bad LAB 3, but finally done with it.
- Posted incomplete side story for TWTR.

I guess that's about it for this update. I think I'll start working on DPNR again, seeing as to a lot of people seem to like it. See you around!

- Posted TWTR 10.

- Posted DPNR 5.

- Posted TNO 6.
That's about it.

- Posted TNO 5.
I'm trying to work on all of my stories, but ideas don't come when I'm looking for them. They just come and I put them down as they do. I'll try to update LAB next, but I can't make any promises.

Sorry about the delay.
- Posted TNO 4.
See you on next update.

Hello, people! I'm working on all of my fics at the same time right now, so I hope to have more out soon. By the way, I'm planning on posting TNO 4 on the weekend, sorry to the prereaders still to send me their comments, but I think I've waited long enough. Anyway, on with the update.
- Posted DPNR 4.
- Fixed a couple of links.
That's it. Expect more for the weekend.

Hello! Updated once again.
- Posted TWTR 9.
See you around.

Two updated the same day. Couldn't help it. I simply sat down and inspiration struck. In fact, as I wrote the chapter I knew how to continue my other stories. I'll be working on things as they come to my head. No use in taking forever if something simply doesn't work.
- Posted DPNR Part 3.
Well, that's about it. See you around!

Hello, everyone! Guess what? I got attacked by writer's block and couldn't come up with anything other than a new fic. It's already in the Fanfiction section. Tell me what you think about it. It's another crossover. If you figure out with what send me an e-mail. I'm curious about how many people can identify the other element of the story. I'll post a list of the people who got it right in my next update.
- Posted Parts 1 and 2 DPNR.
Well, that's the update. I'll try to continue working on the other fics as well, I think I can do it now. See you next time.

Sat down and finally finished LAB 2. It's very short and nothing really happens (sorry about that) but it paves the road for LAB 3. Well, since I'm in springbreak I hope to have more finished before the week ends.
- Posted LAB 2.
- Fixed Animeaddiction's link.

Nearly a month. It's been a while. Anyway, I'm having some hard time with my final projects for school, but I'm still writing. Though very slowly. Well, the update:
- Posted TNO 3.
- Added a few links.
- Michael is hosting my stories in his webpage. The link is in the link section.
- I will give Animeaddiction's page (Dual Destinies) till the next update to be restored. If not, I'll change the link to his backup.
Well, that's the update. TNO 4is already with my prereaders, and I'm halfway done with LAB 2. I hope to have more time for writing after this week is over.

Hello people! It's been a while. Sorry about the delay, I'm having some trouble with RL and so my fanfiction writing time has decreased. Anyway, that's it, on with the update.
- Posted TWTR 8.
- TNO 3 is already with my prereaders.
- Corrected a format problem in TWTR 5.
- Revised TNO 2 a little.
- Got rid of a dead link.
Well, that's about it. Also, I'll be working on LAB because some people have asked me to. I hope to have part 2 up soon.

Sorry about the mistake in the last update. I posted TWTR PART 7. I'm working on PART 8 though, so it shouldn't take too long before it's up as well.
Again, sorry, I was kind of sleepy when I updated the page.

Posted TWTR PART 7. It's kind of short, but it's something. Sorry for having nothing more, but real life isn't getting any easier. I had a problem and lost the e-mail accounts of everyone that has sent me mail. Sorry about this.

Sorry for no updates in such a long time. Real life's been hard. Anyway, posted TNO Part 2. I'm working on the future story of TWTR to post it. I just have to make sure to correct some mistakes.
Hopefully, next update won't take long. See ya!

Happy holidays! Sorry for no update, you can blame my playstation for it. I'm working on part 7 of TWTR and need some feedback for TNO. Have a Happy New Year! See you in 2001. I'm not writing tomorrow, I think the hangover won't let me. See ya!

TWTR Part 6 is up. Really enjoying vacations, since they give me the time to write. Well, the story took a twist, there's no going back now. See you all later!

Ladies and gentlemen! TWTR Part 5 is up. The story is finally getting where I want it to go. By the way, I'm posting the side story as soon as I finish revising it.
Well, see ya next time.

PS I did great in finals!

Sorry for the long wait. I have a lot of work in school because of the finals coming next week.

Also, sorry for no updates. The side story to TWTR is almost ready, but I wanted to ask something. Do you want me to post it? It has some -<[MAYOR]>- spoilers for the main story. I haven't received much mail, but the ones I do receive, I take in consideration. I'll resume working on TWTR next week, hopefully. Well, see ya.

- Placed a new story I'm working on. "THE NEW ORDER."
I'm currently working on a kind of side story for TWTR. It takes place in the future, so it could also be considered a continuation, although the original series is not finished. I might post what I've got so far in the next update. It gives me a better idea of where I'm going with TWTR.

After this update I'm waiting to receive some mail that tells me this page is beeing seen. No point in updating if only I see the changes.
- Posted TWTR 4

Posted TWTR Part 3.

Added Links page. Working on AWTR.

An update in one day. This won't happen very often, but I'll do my best.

This isn't really an update, since I'm starting the page today. However, I want you to know what you will find.
- Parts 1 and 2 of The "Warrior that Returned."
Also, be expecting more fics and the continuation to this story.

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